A delicious tribute to the Norse Gods

· A slice of heaven near MPLS ·

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

I recently made a business trip to “The Mother Ship” which for Americans of Scandinavian heritage is Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. I found, quite easily using a Google Search, Taste of Scandinavia Bakery and Cafe located at 845 Village Center Drive North Oaks, MN.

Scandinavian Bakery Storefront

As the name suggests it’s half bakery and half cafe restaurant. You’ll find the food and service is all excellent.

Taste of Scandinavia has a noisy friendly atmosphere so be warned that this is not a quiet place to read a good book. You can’t help but hear what Mor Mor is saying to Aunt Elena in the next table. She’s showing pictures of the grandchildren she took on her new-fangled smartphone. It’s late March and the snow is still piled high in the crowded parking lot. That means there is there still good skiing.

Homemade soups to go! I have not seen this from other Scandinavia food shops. Coffee is ground fresh and the smell greets you, along with a line of patrons. Be patient, pay attention and you’ll like what you get.

I ordered the Scandinavian Strawberry Torte Cake.

Three layers of yellow sponge cake, one layer of chocolate mousse and whipped cream, one layer of raspberry jam with fresh sliced bananas. Garnished with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and a sprinkle of slivered almonds. It all mixes in your mouth as if heaven had its own taste.

This was easily the best cake I’ve ever had in my life. It is buttery & creamy when you bit down you can taste the bananas and chocolate pudding. It’s like eating a banana split in every fork full. It is so rich and creamy I felt as if I was eating Ice Cream without the cold sensation. Truly an amazing feat in baking!  In spite of the rich foods my fellow patrons were all fit and not fat. Talk about pressure!

Buttery n creamy, wow! Beats the crap out of anything at Denny’s for the same price.

Helpful and friendly staff with self service at the counter and for beverages.  Easy to find online if you’re just visiting. The Parking lot is full of Hondas and I see three Subaru but no Volvo cars. What happened?

It’s perfect for Scandinavians as there’s a bank in the parking lot. You can eat and watch your money at the same time. If there’s a run on the bank bring your cake!  Parking is free and plentiful by the front door with handicapped access so bring Grandfather.