Icelandic style Yogurt is the next wave

· First Leif Erikson now Icelandic style Yogurt ·

May 29, 2017 0 Comments 3 Photos

Low sugar - high in protein Icelandic style Skyr brings new flavors.

Icelandic Yogurts have new flavors & less sugar


The Vikings are invading again! It only took one thousand years to invade North America for a second time but this time the Norsemen will stay. Skruvy is here to tell you that Icelandic style yogurt or Skyr (in English pronounced Skeer) is the next big movement. A post on back on May 22nd showed how Yoplait Yogurt had lost market share to others in the USA. The article pointed directly to Yoplait’s slow adoption of added-protein and Greek-style Yogurt as the main reasons why others such as Chobani have profited and Yoplait lost. Look for my reviews of Siggi’s and Icelandic Provisions brands of Yogurt. The new flavors are exciting and the lower sugar content will have you buying these brands for your kids.