I bought Used Tires online

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September 4, 2017 0 Comments

First time buyer of tires online

“You paid what?!” is my reaction to everything regardless of price and since this blog is all about living “the good life” without paying too much the reader can rest assured that my reaction was genuine. Recently one of my co-workers showed me the new tires on his BMW. These tires still had those little rubber nubs sticking up on the outside of the tread signaling that they were so new that even the mean streets of Anytown USA hadn’t begun their wicked assault. Absolutely pristine, shiny and black these high performance tires were on 7 Series BMW. Yep, they were expensive. I assumed that my high-roller co-worker had them purchased and installed at a BMW dealership. ¬†While giving his tires a good long look I was shocked when he told me that he purchased them online at bestusedtires.com. He loves this car and takes great care of it so talking to him about the vehicle is like asking any grandparent about…well…I’ll stick to the car story. Read my page in the Frugal Automotive section.