Still Love the Turtle

· Turtle Wax still gets it done ·

Still Love the Turtle

Turtle Wax still gets it done

C’mon son, look at the way my 2006 BMW shines! That color is Orient Blue Metallic on my ’06 Bimmer and yes people still stop and look, especially after a wash and wax. It’s a stunning color when clean. The joy from a great looking car is one of those things in life that doesn’t cost much. “But I spend more on the fancy British wax because I want people to think I love my car more than other people love theirs!” Who are you, Little Lord Fauntleroy?  Turtle Wax products are made in the USA, cost less than most others and outperform them too. Chances are you’ve fallen for the marketing gimmicks of packaging, graphics and higher price points convincing you that since something costs more it must be better? Wrong. Over the years I’ve used the expensive stuff too. I even had a detail shop give me their best efforts only to see no difference between their expensive buffing and my own driveway toil. Perhaps my special ingredient is L-O-V-E? Oh, I just went there!

Here’s what I used on my 11 year old paint.

1 – Sponge for Washing

3 – Microfiber Applicator pads for the Rubbing, Buffing & Wax application

1 – Ryobi Orbital Buffer purchased on for $5.00

2 – Soft Buffing pads purchased at Home Depot for $10.95 (one for Rubbing and Buffing compounds and one just for the Paste Wax)

Turtle Wax M.A.X. – Power Car Wash (6 ounces in a 5 gallons of water) $5.25 at Walmart

Turtle Wax Premium Rubbing Compound $5.78 at Walmart

Turtle Wax Premium Buffing Compound $5.78 at Walmart

Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Paste Wax $4.92 at Walmart

Turtle wax products are still a fantastic value and I love what they do for my car! The British wax isn’t better but their accent is adorable!