B.Y.O.T. Bring your own tires

First time buyer of tires online


Recently one of my co-workers showed me the new tires on his BMW. Absolutely pristine, shiny and black these tires were on 7 Series BMW so they had to be expensive, right? Here are some things I know about tires 1) They’re expensive. 2) You need a professional to install them. 3) I don’t like either of those things. Here are some things I know about the Internet 1) It’s easy to use. 2) Anyone and can buy stuff over the net. 3) I want to spend little money and do things myself in order to spend even less money.

My co-worker friend told me he purchased the tires at bestusedtires.com¬†and told me how much money he saved. Luckily I was close to the ground examining the tires when I fainted. The Paramedics who revived me were sympathetic and completely understood why I had collapsed. I decided this was worth a try at least once in my life and figured that I couldn’t get burned too badly since I don’t own an expensive car.

Tires have a confusing language all their own. The size is printed right on the sidewall and easy enough to see if the tire is right-side up. That takes effort so I immediately abandoned this and looked up the size on the internet. Bestusedtires.com has a great homepage that will help you find the correct size. Ordering was easy and it was just like any other online order. Free shipping, confirmation emails and tracking information all fine.

When the tires show up it’s quite a shock! Here’s the thing, Automobile Tires are extremely large, heavy and dirty and if any of that bothers you then stick with paying full price elsewhere. I’m supremely motivated to save money so none of that bothers me. I’ll wash my hands, thank you.

The tires that arrived were exactly as advertised. I even bought a tire tread gauge for $3.00 at an auto parts store so I could verify the tread depth. Yep, the description was accurate and my tires had 8/32 tread. Keep in mind new tires have 10/32 tread and bad tires have less than 4/32 tread. I paid $233.00 for four tires on a Volvo XC90. New Tires with installation are routinely $800-$1,000 at my Goodyear store.

For as easy as Bestusedtires.com made things, my local tire stores made things difficult. Tires are a highly competitive business with incentives for volume from the manufacturers to the installers. Needless to say, the Service Writers at my local tire stores did not enjoy my B.Y.O.T.(Bring Your Own Tires) attitude & face walking into their tire store.

I called a friend who was a General Manager at a Hyundai store for some perspective and asked, “Why did tire store workers get hostile when I came in with tires I bought online?”

He replied, “People service their cars the most wherever they get their tires. So, the goal is to get ’em in on the tires and the rest of the service work (a.k.a.$) will follow. Also, tires are a volume business and you have to move your own inventory first.”

The tread depth was as advertised

Ouch, I was bringing in my own inventory. I didn’t care. I have paid the retail price for tires all of my life and this was my turn to save money.

My local discount tire shop completed the installation for $144.00 which included the disposal fee for my old set (mandatory by law). As if to give me one last parting shot the discount tire store did not clean up the tires or make them shiny with Armor All. Sore losers. I’m getting even and not mentioning their name or posting a link.

So I paid $377.00 for the tires and installation. I saved over $400.00. Keep in mind that when you pay full price at a tire shop you will get a warranty and free rotations ($10 charge) whenever you come in for service. Bestusedtires.com has a 90 satisfaction guarantee, free shipping and online coupons all of the time. I recommend checking them out it ight be the right fit for you.